Thousands of visitors across our network trust us to help them in their search for professionals. They fill out a referral request form tailored to the specific profession and practice area or specialty. One of our staff members reviews each single request to ensure correct search parameters are selected and reduce spam. Our system then matches the referral request with professionals who have published a listing across our network and match the search criteria.

Referral match notifications (Paid Lead notifications) include the description entered by the referral requester and any follow-up questions that were answered during the intake process. Professionals who are matched are able to view those information before exclusively purchasing access to the referral requester's contact information.

  • Step 1 - Referral Intake
    Potential client fills out an intake form requesting a referral

  • Step 2 - Manual Review
    Our team at Heritage Web manually reviews each request within 24 hours of receiving it

  • Step 3 - Matching Engine
    Our referral matching engine matches the request with professionals based on directory, license (when required), specialty, and distance

  • Step 4 - Notifications Sent to Professionals
    Lead notification emails are sent to matched professionals including all the intake information except the requester's contact information

  • Step 5 - Lead Purchased
    One professional can exclusively purchase each lead (through the dashboard or email notifications) and receive her contact information

  • Step 6 - Purchase Notifications
    Once a professional purchases a lead, a follow-up email is sent to the professional with the lead's contact information. The lead also receives an email notification with the professional's listing URL and contact information.

  • Step 7 - Lead Not Purchased
    If no professional indicates interest within 72 hours of the notification, the lead receives an email with the contact information of the most experienced matched professional in our network

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