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What are Free and Sponsor listing options?
What are Free and Sponsor listing options?
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Each listing is either a Free Listing or a Sponsor Listing. All new listings are free listings. Listing owners can upgrade their free listing to a Sponsor listing or downgrade a Sponsor listing to a free listing.

Free Listings

Free Listings are free and will remain free forever. Users can publish Free Listings in one or more directories. More listings increase a professional’s or organization’s online presence and the chance of being discovered by potential clients.

Potential clients can contact the listing owner via the contact information listed on the Free Listing, or via the contact form on the directory page. Either way, no fees are charged to both parties.

Benefits of Free Listings include:

  • Comprehensive information (bio, contact, specialties, website, links to social media profiles, pictures)

  • Where relevant, licenses, covered insurances, education, association, languages

  • Republished reviews from Yelp

  • Performance analytics

Sponsor Listings

For $25 a month, Free Listings can be upgraded to Sponsor Listings. Sponsor Listings include all the benefits of the Free Listings, plus:

  • 5X more exposure across the directories

  • Ad-free listings

  • SMS notifications

  • 24 hour advance notifications for matched referrals

Annual subscriptions receive a 20% discount.

Free vs. Sponsor Listings

You can have both. For example, if you are a Spanish-speaking attorney, you can have a Free Listing on and a Sponsor Listing on

A Free Listing can be upgraded to a Sponsor Listing at any time and vice versa, a Sponsor Listing can be downgraded to a Free Listing at any time. This can be done in the Heritage Web dashboard. When a Sponsor Listing is downgraded to a Free Listing, the listing remains as a Sponsor Listing until the end of the paid period.

For a summary of the difference between both listing options, please visit our pricing page.

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