To get more leads

  1. Publish more listings

  2. Add all relevant practice areas

  3. Customize 'mile radius' setting

  4. Purchase a sponsor listing

Publish More Listings

Publish as many relevant listings as possible. For example an attorney can be listed on,,, and

Add All Relevant Practice Areas

Add up to 7 relevant practice areas. For example instead of just adding "Immigration" as a practice area, add "US Citizenship, "H1B Visa", and "Asylum" to your listing too. That is of course if you accept clients in those areas.

Mile Radius

Professionals can customize the value of a field called "Miles Radius" for each practice area or specialty in their listing(s). Our system calculates the distance between the zip code of the lead and the zip code of all the addresses listed in the professional's listing. If at least one of the calculated distance values is less than the "Mile Radius" number set by the professional, our system will consider that a match.

If a mile radius value for a practice area is set to zero, our system skips this filter in the matching process. All the other filters such as license and directory will still be used in the matching. For example if a professional has selected 0 miles for “Personal Injury” practice area, she will receive all Personal Injury leads in her state who also match the directory.

Purchase a Sponsor Listing

Sponsor listings are displayed higher in search results than free listing and receive 5 times higher exposure than free listing. You can sign up for a new sponsor listing or upgrade an existing free listing to sponsor.

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