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Publish Your Listing

Publishing your listing in one or any number of our directories is free.

  • open an account on dashboard.heritagelawmarketing.com
  • click on the “Add a New Listing” button
  • choose one of our 50+ networks 
  • add your practice information
  • our team will review and publish your listing
  • you’ll receive email notifications along the way

Listing Review Process

We review all new listing and all changes to current listings. This is to ensure the accuracy of information on our directories. We expect attorneys to

  • have and be able to verify the appropriate licenses to practice
  • be in good standing with state agency issuing their license
  • be a member of the community related to each of our directoriesu

We re-verify the attorney’s license to practice once a year. We typically do this through government websites in different jurisdictions. If that is not possible we ask attorneys to email us a scanned copy of their license to practice. 

Updated on April 8, 2020

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