In addition to the account level notifications, listing owners can add additional email addresses or phone numbers to specific listings to send listing-specific notifications to. This can be useful when wanting to share information between business partners or staff or forward notifications to third party tools such as a CRM.

  • Additional SMS notifications are only available on Sponsor listings.

  • Additional email addresses and phone numbers have to be verified to receive notifications.

How to Add Additional Listing Notifications?

  1. Go to the Edit Listing page for a specific listing

  2. Scroll down to the "Additional Email Notifications" block

  3. Add and verify a new email address or phone number

Account Level Notifications

Notifications related to each listing are sent to the contact information of the listing owner by default. A listing owner can receive these account-level notifications via email or SMS. Learn more about them here.

Account level notifications can be disabled for a specific listing if at least one additional notification email or phone number has been added to the listing.

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