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Referral payment terms and refund policy
Referral payment terms and refund policy
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Payment Terms

Upon purchase, the cost of each referral is charged to the credit card in the professional’s account.

A separate invoice is generated for each purchased referral.

Refund Policy

Our policy concerning referral refunds is to reach a mutual agreement on each request. Any request is considered on a case-by-case basis and on goodwill principles rather than hard rules.

If there are issues with a purchased referral, the professional can request a refund within seven days of purchase.

Refund requests are to be submitted via a reply to the invoice email for the specific purchase or via a ticket by clicking on the messenger icon at the bottom right side of the page. You can find the messenger icon in these help pages and on the Heritage Web dashboard pages.

Refunds issued will be in the form of credits for future referral purchases.

No Monthly Minimums or Long-Term Contracts

Professionals are not required to spend any minimum amounts each month or to sign up for any long-term contracts.

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