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What are the benefits of our paid referral service?
What are the benefits of our paid referral service?
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Higher Conversions

Referral requests on our network are highly targeted as these potential clients are looking for professionals and organizations with specific backgrounds and skill sets, to fit their specific needs. This results in a higher client conversion rate.

Our team manually reviews each referral request within 24 hours of receipt to ensure correct search parameters are selected and to reduce spam. Our system then matches the search criteria set out in the referral request with listings in our network.

This ensures that matched referrals received by professionals and organizations are targeted and spam-free.

Detailed Information Prior to Paying

Matched professionals or organizations can view the information provided by the potential client in a referral request. Such information includes a short description of their request or case, and answers to optional follow-up questions based on the profession and selected specialty.

With these insights, and depending on their availability at any given time, matched professionals or organization managers can make an informed decision on whether to pay for the referral.

No Monthly Minimums

In contrast to other providers that require monthly minimums or bulk packages, professionals and organizations on the Heritage Web network can pay for referrals on an individual basis.

Referrals can also be obtained on a broad basis in case-by-case arrangements, based on multiple parameters. For example, professionals or organizations may choose to purchase all matched referrals for a specific practice area within a specific radius of their office.

Exclusive Access

Each referral is exclusively provided to one professional or organization; only the purchaser will receive the contact information of the referee. Once a matched referral is purchased, it is no longer available to other matched professionals or organizations for purchase.

Priority for Sponsor Listings

Sponsor Listings receive notifications of matched referrals 24 hours prior to Free Listings.

For example, if a referral request is matched with one Sponsor Listing and one Free Listing, the Sponsor Listing owner will be notified of the matched referral first and will be able to access the request information earlier. This means that Sponsor Listings have priority in purchasing matched referrals.

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