Our leads are highly targeted and semi-qualified. Professionals can exclusively purchase individual leads after reading each lead's description and answers to follow-up questions. We also don't have any minimum monthly spends or long term contracts.

Highly Targeted

Potential clients who browse our network have completed their research about their specific need and are looking for a professional with unique background and skill combinations who is not easy to find. These potential clients are more likely to hire a professional once they are matched with on our network than a general directory or referral service.

For example when a potential client is searching for Polish speaking family law attorney in Chicago she is likely ready to interview attorneys and retain one quickly.


Potential clients submit a short description of their case or request. We share this description with matched professionals before they commit to purchasing the lead's contact information.

We also ask potential clients a number of optional follow-up qualifying questions based on the specialty the select in the first step of our intake forms. We share answers to these questions with matched professional before they commit to purchasing the lead's contact information too.

Purchase Individual Leads

Professionals can read each individual lead’s case description and answers to all the follow-up questions before they decide whether or not to exclusively purchase each individual lead. This is in contrast to our competitors who require professionals to purchase bulk packages of leads.

If a professional chooses to, she can purchase all matched leads of a specific practice area within a certain (customizable) mile radius of her office. We exclusively sell each lead to only one professional. Therefore no other professional will receive notifications about such leads.

No Minimums, No Long Term Contracts

Our service doesn’t require a minimum monthly purchase or a long term contract.

Sold Exclusively to One Professional

Each lead is exclusively sold to one professional. Once a professional purchases a lead, that lead is not available for purchase by other professionals.

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