The price of each lead is specific to that lead and can range from $9 to $125 per lead. This price is calculated by an engine using the following inputs: practice area, location, and answers to qualifying questions. The price of each lead is shared with the professional in the lead notification emails as well in the Heritage Web dashboard area.

Practice Area

The primary input into our lead pricing engine is the practice area or specialty that the lead is looking for. Each specialty has a base price regardless of location. The final price of any given lead can fluctuate up to 2X of this base price depending on the lead's answer to the qualifying questions.

The base price of our leads varies between $9 to $64 per lead depending on specialty or practice area so the prices of leads in our network can vary from $9 to $128 per lead.

Qualifying Questions

Leads can answer a number of qualifying questions based on the specialty that they select. For example a lead looking for a "Personal Injury" attorney would be asked “when did the incident happen?"

We include the lead’s answers to the qualifying questions in the notification emails we send matched professionals before they decide whether or not to purchase access to the lead's contact information.

The answer to a qualifying question can affect the final price of a lead up to 2X multiplied to the base price of the lead determined by the specialty.

Below is an example of an intake form for the qualifying questions

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