How are referrals priced?
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The price of each referral is specific to that referral. Prices range from $9 to $128 per referral, depending on various factors that contribute to the estimated value of the referral. Our engine primarily calculates the price of each referral based on the requested practice areas (specialties) and answers to qualifying questions.

The price of each referral is published in the matched referral email notifications as well as in the Heritage Web dashboard.

Practice Area

The primary factor in our referral-pricing is the specialty that the referee is looking for. Each specialty practice area has a base price regardless of location, which ranges from $9 to $64 per referral.

The final price of a referral may increase to twice the base price, depending on the referee’s answers to the qualifying questions. Hence, referral prices vary between $9 and $128.

Answers to Qualifying Questions

Potential clients seeking referrals can answer a number of qualifying questions in the referral request form. These qualifying questions are based on the selected specialty. For example, a potential client looking for a car accident attorney would be asked, “When did the incident happen?”.

The answers to qualifying questions help our engine to estimate the value of the referral, and these answers may cause the base price of a referral to be multiplied up to twice the amount (capped at twice the amount).

Answers to qualifying questions are included in the matched referral email notifications and can be accessed in the Heritage Web dashboard. Professionals can review the description and answers to qualifying questions provided by the potential client, prior to purchasing the referral.

Please see below an example of a referral request form.

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