What are paid referrals?
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What are paid referrals

Paid referrals refer to professionals and organizations paying a fee to be referred to specific potential clients who have submitted referral requests from across our network of directories. The contact information of each individual referral can be accessed by paying a fee.

Referral Requests

Thousands of potential clients across our Heritage Web network trust us to help them in their search for suitable professionals and organizations. Often, potential clients fill out our referral request form and indicate their search criteria. This service is free of charge to potential clients.

Referral request forms also contain questions that are tailored to their requested profession, practice area or specialty. This helps us to better understand their needs.

Request Review and Matching

Our team manually reviews each referral request to ensure correct search parameters are selected and to reduce spam. Our system then matches the request with professionals or organizations with an active listing on our network and which match the indicated search criteria.

Matched professionals or organizations will receive a notification that they have been matched with a referral request. They will be able to view the description provided by the potential client and any responses to follow-up questions that the potential client has provided. The price of the referral will also be shared in the notification.

Sponsor Listings

Sponsor Listings receive notifications of matched referrals 24 hours prior to Free Listings.

For example, if a referral request is matched with one Sponsor Listing and one Free Listing, the Sponsor Listing owner will be notified of the matched referral first and will be able to access the request information earlier. This means that Sponsor Listings have priority in purchasing matched referrals.

Paying a Fee

Matched professionals or organizations can pay a fee to obtain to obtain exclusive access to the contact information of the potential client. Once a referral is purchased, it will no longer be available to other professionals or organizations for purchase.

Referral Process Steps

  1. Referral request: Potential client fills in an intake form requesting a referral.

  2. Manual review: Our team reviews each request within 24 hours of receipt.

  3. Matching engine: Our referral-matching engine matches the request with professionals or organizations based on directory, license (if required), language, specialty, and distance.

  4. Match notifications: Matched professionals or organizations receive a notification that they have been matched with a referral, and have access to the intake information (excluding the potential client’s contact information).

  5. Pay a Fee: Only one listing owner can pay a fee to exclusively receive the potential client’s contact information.

  6. Notifications: Once the fee is paid, the professional or organization receives an email with the potential client’s contact information. The potential client also receives an email notification containing the professional or organization’s contact information and listing page.

  7. Unpurchased referral: If none of the matched professionals or organizations purchase the referral within 24 hours of being notified, the potential client receives the contact information of the matched professional or organization in our network with the most experience (professionals) or years of operation (organizations).

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