What are listing notifications?
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You will receive notifications about each listing you have on Heritage Web, concerning:

  1. Listing changes

  2. Direct inbox messages

  3. Matched referrals

  4. Matched questions

Notifications for Free Listings will be sent via email. Notifications for Sponsor Listings can be sent via email and / or SMS. You can adjust your notification settings from the Heritage Web dashboard.

Listing Changes

The following notifications are sent to listing owners based on changes to their listings:

  • Pending review: When a new listing or edits to an existing listing are submitted for review.

  • Listing approved: When a new listing or edits to an existing listing are approved.

  • Listing rejected: When a new listing or edits to an existing listing are rejected. The reason for rejection will be stated.

Inbox Messages

Potential clients may browse each listing page and use the contact form on that listing page to send a direct inbox message to the professional or organization. When a potential client sends a direct inbox message, the professional or organization can view the message in the Heritage Web dashboard or in the notifications. The potential client will receive an email with their sent message.

Both parties may continue communicating via the inbox or email. The following notifications are sent to one or both parties, depending on the inbox activity:

  • New Message: When a listing owner receives a new message from a potential client.

  • New Reply: When a listing owner or potential client receives a reply.

  • Follow-up Reminder: Sent to a listing owner 24 hours after the new message, as a reminder to follow up with the potential client.

  • Survey: Sent to the potential client for feedback on their communication experience with the professional or organization.

Matched Referrals

Thousands of potential clients across our Heritage Web network trust us to help them in their search for professionals and organizations. Often, potential clients fill out our referral request form and indicate specific search criteria.

Our team manually reviews each referral request within 24 hours of receipt to ensure correct search parameters are selected and to reduce spam. Our system then matches the request with professionals or organizations with an active listing on our network and which match the search criteria.

The identified professionals or organizations will receive a notification that they have been matched with a referral request. They can view the description provided by the potential client and any other responses to follow-up questions that the potential client has provided. The price of the referral will also be stated.

Matched professionals or organizations can purchase the referral on an exclusive basis, to obtain the contact information of the potential client. Once a referral is purchased, it will no longer be available to others for purchase.

Matched Questions

Heritage Web has a free Question & Answer service. Potential clients browsing our directories may submit profession-specific questions through a question intake form. Our engine matches the questions to professional listings or organization listings on our network that are qualified to answer the questions.

When matched with a question, professionals and organizations are notified. Matched professionals or organizations can choose to provide answers (for free).

Provided answers are sent to the potential client with the answering professional or organization’s details. The answers are also published on our network and credited to the professional or organization (questions will be anonymized).

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