There are three types of notifications that listing owners can receive related to each listing. You can receive these notifications via email or SMS. You can also enable or disable these notifications from the notification management page in the Heritage web dashboard.

  1. Listing changes

  2. Inbox messages

  3. Matched Leads

There are 4 ways listing owners can receive these notifications.

  1. Account level email notifications

  2. Account level SMS notifications

  3. Listing-specific email notifications

  4. Listing-specific SMS notifications

Listing Changes

The following notifications are sent to users based on changes to their listings.

  • Pending Review: when a new listing is submitted for review

  • Pending Review: When changes to an existing one is submitted for review

  • Listing Approved: when a new listing or changes to an existing listing is approved

  • Listing Rejected: when a new listing or changes to an existing listing is rejected

Direct Messages

Website visitors on our network can browse to the each listing page and use the contact form on that page to send a direct message to the listing owner. When a visitor sends a direct message to the listing owner, the following notifications are sent to both the message sender and the listing owner.

  • New message notification

  • New reply notification

  • Follow-up reminder

  • Survey

Matched Leads

Thousands of visitors across our network trust us to help them in their search for professionals. They fill out our referral request form. One of our staff members reviews each single request. Our system then matches the request with professionals or organizations who have published a listing across our network and match the search criteria.

Lead notifications include the description entered by the lead and any follow-up questions that the lead has answered. Professionals are able to view those information as well as the price of each lead before exclusively purchasing access to the lead's contact information.

Learn more about our paid leads service here.

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