How to receive more matched referrals
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In this page you can find a few tips to increase the number of matched referrals you receive:

  1. Publish listings in all relevant directories

  2. Add all relevant practice areas to your listings

  3. Increase your “Referral Radius” value (or set it to zero so the filter will not be applied)

  4. Purchase a Sponsor Listing to receive matched referral notifications 24 hours prior to Free Listings

Publish listings in more directories

Publish listings on all relevant directories. For example, a female, Spanish speaking, Muslim attorney might choose to be listed on,, and

Since our matching engine filters listings in the specific directory where a referral request is submitted, the more directories a professional or organization is listed in, the greater the chances of being matched.

Add all relevant practice areas to listings

Each listing can include up to seven specialty and subspecialty practice areas. Since our matching engine filters listings with the requested specialty area, the more practice areas listed, the greater the chances of being matched.

For example, besides adding the “Immigration Law” specialty practice area, an attorney can also add subspecialty practice areas, including “US Citizenship”, “H1B Visa”, and “Asylum”.

Increase “Referral Radius” settings

In their listings, professionals and organizations can customize the value of a field titled “Referral Radius”. This refers to the physical area within the set number of miles from their listed addresses.

Our matching engine calculates the physical distance between the indicated zip code in the referral request, and the zip codes of all addresses in the filtered listings. If at least one of the calculated distances is less than the professional or organization’s set “Referral Radius” value, our engine will consider that a match. Increasing the “Referral Radius” value increases the chances of being matched.

Alternatively, the “Referral Radius” value can be set to "No Limit", and the distance filter will not be applied. For example, if an attorney has “No Limit” for “Referral Radius'' under a “Personal Injury” practice area, the attorney will be matched with all referral requests in their state (since a state-specific license is required), assuming that the listing passes through the prior filters.

Purchase a Sponsor Listing

Sponsor Listings receive notifications of matched referrals 24 hours prior to Free Listings.

For example, if a referral request is matched with one Sponsor Listing and one Free Listing, the Sponsor Listing owner will be notified of the matched referral first and will be able to purchase access the request information earlier.

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