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How to unsubscribe from matched referrals
How to unsubscribe from matched referrals
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To unsubscribe from matched referrals, click “Unsubscribe” in the footer of your matched referral email notifications.

Change “Referral Match Radius” value

If you wish to have more targeted matched referrals instead, consider decreasing your “Mile Radius” value.

Professionals and organizations can customize the value of a field titled “Referral Radius” in their listings. This refers to the physical area within the set number of miles from their listed addresses.

Our matching engine calculates the physical distance between the indicated zip code in the referral request, and the zip codes of all addresses in the filtered listings. If at least one of the calculated distances is less than the professional or organization’s set “Referral Radius” value, our engine will consider that a match. Decreasing the “Referral Radius” value targets a smaller geographical area of matched referrals.

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