How to pay for referrals?
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Professionals and organizations can pay for referrals via two methods:

  1. Heritage Web dashboard

  2. Email notifications

To start receiving referrals, professionals and organizations need to have at least one active published listing in our network. Professionals and organizations with active listings will automatically be notified of any matched referrals based on information listed in their listing(s).

Heritage Web Dashboard

To purchase referrals through the Heritage Web dashboard:

  1. Log into your account

  2. Select “Referrals” in the header menu

  3. Click “Paid Referrals”. Any new matched referrals will be shown

  4. Review the matched referrals you have received

  5. Click “Buy Referral” for the specific referral you wish to purchase

  6. Complete the payment

  7. Receive a follow-up email with the potential client’s contact information

  8. You can also view the referral’s information in the dashboard by clicking on the referral you just purchased to view the detail page for that request

Email Notifications

To purchase referrals through matched referral email notifications:

  1. Click “Request an Invoice” in the notification email

  2. You will receive an invoice from us through

  3. Complete the payment

  4. Receive a follow-up email with the potential client’s contact information

Referral Purchased Already

When purchasing a referral, you might be redirected to a “Referral Purchased Already” page. This means that another professional or organization has purchased the referral.

Each referral is sold exclusively to one professional or organization; only the purchaser will receive the contact information of the potential client. Once a referral is purchased, it is no longer available to other matched professionals or organizations for purchase.

Expired Referral

When purchasing a referral, you may be redirected to an “Expired Referral” page. Matched referrals are available for purchase within 60 days of being notified, after which the referral expires and is no longer available for purchase.

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