Professionals can purchase a lead one of two ways:

  1. Heritage Web dashboard

  2. Email notifications

Heritage Web Dashboard

In order to purchase leads through the dashboard

  1. Login to Heritage Web dashboard

  2. Go to "Leads"

  3. Review the latest leads you've received

  4. Click on "Buy Lead" button in front of the lead you are looking to purchase

Email Notifications

  1. Click on the "Request an Invoice" button in the lead notification email

  2. You will receive an invoice from Heritage Web LLC through

  3. Complete the payment

  4. Our system will automatically send a followup email with the lead's contact information

Lead Purchased Already

When purchasing a lead you might be redirected to a "Lead Purchased Already" page. That means another professional has already purchased access to the lead's contact information and the lead is no longer available. Our system allows for only one professional to exclusively purchase each access to a lead's contact information.

Expired Lead

When purchasing a lead you might be redirected to an "Expired Lead" page. Leads are available for purchase within 60 days of notification after which point those leads are expired and not available for purchase.

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