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Inbox messages via listing contact form
Inbox messages via listing contact form

Visitors can message you using the contact form on your listing(s)

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A professional or organization may be contacted by a potential client via:

  1. Direct communication using contact information listed on the listing page

  2. Submitting a contact form on the listing page.

Either way, there are no fees for each new interaction. Professionals and organizations can upgrade their listings to Sponsor listings to receive higher exposure and traffic across our network.

Receiving Inbox Messages

A potential client can contacts the professional or organization by filling out the contact form on the listing page. When this happens the professional or organization receives an Inbox message in their dashboard. Depending on their account setting they will receive an email and / or SMS notification as well.

The potential client also receives an email notification from our system with a copy of their message.

Replying via Inbox

The professional or organization can reply to any messages via the inbox in the Heritage Web dashboard. The potential client receives the reply via an email from our system. If the potential client has an account with us at Heritage Web, she can communicate with the professional and view the chat history via the Inbox page in the dashboard too.

Replying via Email Notifications

Alternatively, the professional or organization can reply to the messages via the email notifications. Replying to the email notification starts an email chain with the potential client which is specific to that conversation.

Replies from the professional or organization and the potential client are sent sent back and forth using a unique anonymous email address ending in @reply.heritage

The chat history is stored in the dashboard and can be viewed anytime by the listing owner or the potential client.

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