A potential client can contacts the professional by calling the phone number listed on the professional's listing page or use the contact form on the listing page. Either case there are no fees for the potential client or the professional.

Professionals receive email notifications when they receive a new inbox message. They can contact the potential client one of three ways

  • Directly via email or phone number submitted in the contact form

  • Reply via the Inbox page on their dashboard

  • Reply directly to the notification email.

Inbox Message Approval Process

To minimize spam we have an approval process for new inbox messages

  • Potential client sends a message using the contact form

  • The message is auto-approved and sent to the professional in real time if name and email fields are filled out, phone number is from US or Canada, and neither phone number or email address are marked as spam by connecting to industry standard email and phone validation APIs.

  • Otherwise our team manually reviews and approves each message

  • Once the message is manually or auto approved, professionals get an email notification with the message as well as message sender’s contact information

Automated Email Follow-ups

We email the professionals 24 hours after the initial notification message to remind then about following up with the potential client.

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