Professionals and businesses can publish their listings for free across Heritage Web's network of directories.

Create an Account or Login to Your Dashboard

Click on the "Publish Your Free Listing" button

On the main dashboard page you can can click on any of the "Publish Your Free Listing" buttons to start the publishing process.

Add Your Name

Select a Profession

Select a Directory, Click Next

Directories are filtered based on the selected Profession field. Select a directory and click on the Next button at the bottom right of the page.

Add Your License(s)

Add your license number, date acquired, country, and state.

Notice your newly added license

Add Your Practice/Specialty

Add one or more practice areas or specialties. For each selection you can specify

  • Lead matching radius: Our lead matching system uses the mile radius value for each specialty in matching leads within your preferred distance from your office zip code.

  • Practice percentage

  • Years of experience

Confirm all your practice areas have been added and click Next

Add Your Business Information

You can add multiple business locations

Confirm your addresses have been added and click Next

Add Your Bio

Professionals with more complete profile information receive higher exposure on our network and experience higher conversion rates.

Add Up to 4 Pictures

  • Select an image

  • Adjust the scale and rotation of the image

  • Click upload

  • You can upload up to 4 pictures

  • After uploading all the images, set your default image and click Next

Add Your Languages

  • Add all your languages

  • Confirm they've been added on your display

  • Click Next

Add Your Education and Degrees

  • Enter your education information

  • Click "Add Education"

  • Add up to 5 degrees

  • Verify your education information has been added on the display

  • Click Next

Add Your Social Media Pages

Add Your Associations

Select Your Listing Type

Add a Form of Payment

Complete Payment

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