Reviews are important factor in how clients decide which professional to hire. They are also scattered across different platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp. They are hard to gather in one place.

We're working on bridging that gap.

All professionals (free or paid listings) in our network can republish the last 5 reviews from their each of their profiles on and

Yelp Reviews

We’ve integrated our network with Yelp’s API. If a professional has reviews and ratings on, she can re-publish the last 5 reviews on her directory listings.

To take advantage of this feature attorneys need to add the URL of their Yelp business page when editing their listing in the user dashboard area.

Avvo Reviews

We’ve partnered with to allow attorneys republish their Avvo reviews directly on their listings on any of our lawyer directories. With Avvo’s permission we receive the attorney’s last 5 reviews and ratings in real time and publish them on the attorney’s listing(s).

To republish their reviews attorneys should add their Avvo profile URL to their listing.

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