We’ve integrated the Twilio’s Call tracking and Automation API into our system to offer our users the capability to monitor their listing’s performance and block unwanted calls.

Local Call Tracking Number

When a professional signs up for a Premium listing she can choose to activate one local tracking phone number. That number will be forwarded to her listing's primary phone number. This will enable spam blocking and call analytics features for her.

The local number is generates based on the initial three digits of the listing’s primary phone number. If no local number is available our system uses finds an available number from the closest zip code to the listing's primary office address.

Call History with Caller ID

Once the call tracking is enabled professionals can monitor their call history in their dashboard. Attorneys will be able to see the caller’s ID (when available), call date time stamp, duration, and status of each call. Statuses can be Completed, No Answer, or Busy.

Block Spam Calls

Our system is integrated with a spam scoring system that detects and blocks 98% of spam call on North American (+1) incoming numbers. It is over 98% accurate and has a false positive rate that’s less than 0.25%.

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