The leads distributed through our pay-per-lead service go through the following intake and matching process. We exclusively sell each lead to only one professional.

  • Step 1 - Lead Intake
    Potential client fills out an intake form on a page across our network

  • Step 2 - Manual Review
    Our team at Heritage web manually reviews each lead to reduce spam

  • Step 3 - Automated Matching Engine
    Our system searches our database for matches

  • Step 4 - Notifications Sent
    Lead notification emails are sent to matched professionals including the description entered by the lead with redacted contact information

  • Step 5 - Purchase Lead
    One professional can exclusively purchase each lead and receive her contact information

Step 1 - Lead Intake

We have lead intake forms in over 2M web pages across our network of heritage-focused directories. Potential clients complete our intake forms and share the following information:

  • Name (required)

  • Location (required)

  • Email (required)

  • Phone (required)

  • Case description (required)

  • Answers to qualifying questions (optional)

Step 2 - Manual Review

Each lead is manually reviewed by someone from our team within 24 hours to ensure the right filters are selected for our matching engine and to reduce spam.

Step 3 – Automated Matching Engine

Once a lead is manually approved, our matching logic matches the professional based on

  • Practice area / specialty

  • Professional's licenses

  • Distance from the professional's office address

  • Directory where the lead submitted her information through

Step 4 – Email and Text Notifications

To Professionals

If there is one or more matched professionals, all matched professionals will receive an email notification with the lead’s request, location, answers to qualifying questions, price. This notification doesn't include the lead’s contact information.

To Leads

If no professional indicates interest within 6 hours of the initial notification, we email the lead with the contact information of the most experienced matched professional in our database.

Step 5 – Purchase and Message the Lead

Once lead notifications are sent out professionals can purchase a lead one of two ways: Lead Notification Email or Dashboard. We exclusively sell each lead to only one professional.

Once a professional has purchased a lead, she receives a follow up email with the lead’s contact information. Professionals can then contact the lead directly. Heritage Web doesn’t guarantee the leads converting to paid clients.

Lead Notification Email

If a professional has signed up for our pay-per-lead service, her lead email notifications will include a "Purchase Lead" link. If she is available and interested in the lead she can click on the link to purchase the lead. Once the lead is purchased she will receive a follow up email with the lead's contact information.


If a professional has signed up for our pay-per-lead service, she can view a list of matched lists and purchase them through her customer dashboard at

Dashboard > Pay Per Lead.

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