Zapier is a web tool for automating moving of information between your web accounts and applications. For example you can setup a zap to send leads generated from one source to your central Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. You can also setup a zap to add a row to an excel file every time an event happens.

Heritage Web's software is integrated with Zapier. It allows you to send contact information of leads generated through your Heritage Web listings to your CRM or other destination of choice.

To use this integration you need to

  • Create an account with Zapier

  • Create a Zap in your account with Heritage Web as the source

  • You’ll be asked for an API key

  • Go to your use dashboard > My Account > Integrations

  • Copy your unique Zapier API key

  • Go back to Zapier and paste the API key in your zap

  • Configure the destination of your zap

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