We have a network of over 500 heritage-focused professional directories such as Vietnameselawyers.com, Losmedicos.com, Blackbrokers.com, Muslimltutors.com. Professionals can publish their business listing on one or more directories for free and upgrade to premium/sponsored listings to receive higher exposure. We maintain a network of directories in these professions

How we Promote Our Directories

We promote each directory to its respective community via

  • search engines

  • social media pages

  • social media advertising

  • local print media advertising

  • sponsoring local heritage-focused events

Business Listings

Professionals from anywhere around the world can create an account and publish their listing for free. After going through our review process these listings are published on our directories. Visitors and potential clients can find the professional’s profile and contact her.

A potential client can contacts the professional by calling the phone number listed on the professional's listing page or use the contact form on the listing page. Either case there are no fees for the potential client or the professional.

Professionals have two listing options: Free and Premium (Sponsor). Professionals can have a mix of free and premium listing on multiple directories. For example an attorney might have a free listing on Koreannurses.com and a premium listing on Blackburses.com.

Listing Approval Process

Once a professional submits a new listing or makes changes to an existing listing, the listing goes into a "Pending" status until someone from our team at Heritage Web manually reviews and approves the changes. This review process is to ensure we maintain as accurate information as possible across our network.

The review process usually takes 1 business day for premium listings and 30 days for free listings.

Private Attorney Networking Groups

Some of the directories in our network have their own members-only Facebook group and LinkedIn group. The link to the both groups are included in the ‘Listing Approved’ email as well as the Edit Listing page in the dashboard.

For example Chineselawyers.com has its own private Facebook group and private LinkedIn group where Chinese attorneys who are listed on Chineselawyers.com can connect and network with each other.


Our system integrates with Avvo and Yelp APIs to re-publish the professional's reviews from those sites if they choose to.

Some of our directories have their own Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Our system publishes automated posts to those social media pages when new listings are published or current listings are updated.

Our system is also integrated with Zapier and allows the professionals to connect their Heritage Web leads to their own CRM.

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